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Focus on AAylex Group

Chicken quality over quantity

Photos: AAylex Group

Producing tender chicken, says Romania’s leading poultry company, is about striking a balance between the right feed and genetics. “The water the chickens drink at our farms is better than the tap water you get in Bucharest,” attests Bogdan Stanca, CEO and Founder of AAylex Group, owner of the popular CocoRico chicken brand. “This is because we strictly control the source and we have a special system of hydrogenated water.”

We do not just claim to produce quality food: it has been certified by all the relevant organizations

Founder & CEO, AAylex Group

AAylex Group produces about 75,000 tons of chicken products a year, and its CocoRico brand is exported to over 10 countries. Its “superior taste” is owed to EU standards. “We do not just claim to produce quality food,” says Stanca: “It has been certified by relevant organizations.”