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Pipe maker focuses
on premium market


TMK-ARTROM, a world-renowned industrial pipe producer based in Romania, has invested heavily in diversification and high-quality processes in manufacturing its precision products


The journey of TMK-ARTROM from a local fuel pipe provider in Romania to a global specialist in seamless steel pipes for a broad range of industrial applications has been a remarkable one.

The company from Slatina, southern Romania, seized its opportunities after joining the industry-leading TMK Group in 2002, developing greater know-how through cooperation with German partners and an investment program worth €175 million to modernize operations.

TMK-ARTROM bought a steel manufacturer, which, in the words of President and CEO Adrian Popescu, “allowed us to ‘cook the soup’ ourselves and become more flexible”. The company has diversified its client base, now serving almost 400 active customers with seamless steel pipes made from carbon, low-alloy and alloy steel, with a range of outside diameter of between 15.88mm to 254mm and wall thickness of 1.5mm to 60mm. 

There are only a few companies in the world that can do what we do

Adrian Popescu

President and CEO of TMK-ARTROM

“The investment program enhanced our efficiency, enabled the delivery of high-quality, high-precision and premium products, and we are now able to deliver a custom order with just a two-week turnaround. There are only a few companies in the world that can do what we do,” Popescu explains.

With the recent purchases of the high-quality steel billets producer TMK Resita and TMK-Italia from parent company TMK Europe, TMK-ARTROM has determined its future path as the group’s most specialized producer of premium industrial pipes.