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Focus on Electroprecizia

Romania’s leading electrical motor manufacturer makes moves

Photos: Electroprecizia

Founded in 1936 as a producer of dashboards for German aircrafts, Electroprecizia has developed into one of Romania’s leading manufacturing groups that is today a crucial automotive player and industrial park developer. Featured within the group is Electroprecizia Electrical Motors, Romania’s leading producer of electrical motors and equipment for the automotive industry, as well as Electroprecizia Industrial and Logistics Park, one of the largest industrial parks in the country, located in the heart of Romania.


In Romania’s manufacturing sector, the name Electroprecizia has earned a well-deserved reputation. The company was started as a German, Czech and Romanian joint stock company in Brașov over 80 years ago and has today become a top manufacturer in the country, especially recognized as the country’s principal manufacturer of single-phase and three-phase electrical motors.

Spotting a market gap for industrial real estate, Electroprecizia developed one of the biggest industrial parks in the center of Romania, which offers more than 100,000m² of rentable space for logistics and manufacturing companies.

Electrical motors. Photo: Electroprecizia

Electroprecizia now plans to leverage this strategic real estate located in the center of the country. “We aim to rent out 100,000m² of new logistic and industrial halls to reputable tenants within the next three to five years,” says Adrian Secelean, CEO of Electroprecizia, adding that his company’s strategic direction is now focused on attracting “greenfield investment projects.”

Leading the manufacturer’s ability to attract such clients, however, is Electroprecizia Electrical Motors, the group’s leading revenue driver, which is a specialist producer of motors for pumps, especially those used in automation, HVAC, hydraulic packs and similar industrial applications.

By setting up a company in Germany, we are looking to reinforce our ties with the German market by promoting and selling our AC electrical motors

CEO Electroprecizia

An important ingredient of Electroprecizia’s success is its tailor-made solutions. “Over the years, we have attained a total annual capacity of more than 300,000 units of electrical motors, of which 85 percent are customized solutions,” says Secelean. “In the years to come, we plan to reach a yearly capacity of over 400,000 units,” he announced.

Electroprecizia park. Photo: Electroprecizia

The company is now looking to set up a venture in Germany, working on top of a largest customer base that it has developed there. “Over 40 percent of our satisfied clients are German companies,” says Secelean.

“By setting up a company in Germany, we are looking to reinforce our ties with the German market by promoting and selling our AC electrical motors,” he says, adding that Electroprecizia “has already met with several important German players and R&D departments” and is “looking for partners who are interested in our customized products.”